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UAB Newon Food as a specialized gluten free protein bar manufacturer have created a brand name – Cheatless here in Lithuania. Our products are sold in retail, gas stations, cafes, sports gyms in Lithuania. We use Cheatless brand to create a bridge between our R&D, technologies and real life sales, feedback. This way we learn what factors are important to end-customer in bar experience: Taste, Texture, Packaging, Design, Price. By having a real feedback from end-customers we reduce the waste in development process and build the products that customers WANT which are available for white label as well. 

Protein bar selection 

Newon Food protein bar

Protein bar


If you want to try Newon Food’s products and see the quality, the best low costs solution is Cheatless brand. We have the recipe, design and brand developed, the upfront costs are covered by us. Reach out to us if you want to distribute Cheatless High Protein Low Sugar bars in Your market. We want to share protein bar knowledge and experience with you. 

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