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Newon Food Protein bar manufacturing plant opening

The Opening 

With the food trends changing and people choosing healthier food over traditional ones. Newon Food has come to the nutritional bar world to fulfill the demand for nutritious and better-for-you food. Newon Food is a nutritional bar platform between consumers and brands (at least we would like to see this way). Manufacturing snack, nutrition bars for brands to feed the people they care for. With the fresh look on the food – we like to do things differently. Unlike most old, traditional producers do. We take a lean approach to everything we do from ingredients sourcing to packaging. In this way, we support our flexibility and do not burden ourselves with high start-up costs. As for the company history, it traces back to the 60s’, once started as a local bakery. Decade by decade the company expanded, grew and as of 2016 decided to make a strategic investment into the nutritional bars manufacturing. The whole process from the idea to the fully functional production plant took 2 years to complete.


As a new manufacturer of bars here in Europe Newon Food has decided to bring innovation to Europe and pursue a road of innovators.

  • The strategic partnerships with USA manufacturers and technologist led to unique recipe development which requires years of perfection to get things done correctly.
  • If required Newon Food can reach to the best-in-class food technologists and help to develop Your perfect bar. Of course, company has some ready-to-market products and can give further details on the official website.


As a nutritional bar manufacturer we can produce 2 types of bars:

  • Protein bars;
  • Nut & Fruit bars.

Each of them has a different texture, nutritionals and flavors. We take pride in great protein bar manufacturing. Since we work with USA we can see the latest trends, products and production processes to quickly adapt and create Your bar here in Europe. Thus, saving you costs and time of importing the products from USA. 


Newon Food made a sizable investments into the equipment and production line. As a matter of fact the length of continuous production line is over 70 meters which requires constant maintenance and well-trained personnel to keep the line running smoothly. Currently, we use:

  • Cold-slabbed;
  • Low-pressure extrusion;
  • Baking technologies.

Unlike many other manufacturers in Europe who are cooking, baking, heating the dough we use different technology. Our cold-slabbed technology preserves the nutrients in the ingredients and results in superior end-product. However, this process requires high technological knowledge and quality control costs are higher than typical non Cold-slabbed bar.

Here at Newon Food we are actively looking for a new as well as established brands to work with. Newon Food – manufacturing food with respect to nutritional trends. Contact us now!


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