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The Gut Friendly Premium Protein bar

The Bar Market Recovery After Pandemic

With protein bar market marking a significant recovery after the COVID restrictions, people are returning to offices and start travelling again. New and established brands are facing an increasing challenge to differentiate products and appeal to the customers. The increasing protein bar market saturation across all protein bar segments makes difficult to launch new products and gain retail space.

A Protein Bar Market Growth Slowdown

One of the key problems in current protein bar market Newon Foods considers is a gut related issues including bloating, constipation, stomach pains. These side effects usually result after consumption of regular protein bars, mostly produced with matitol. The undesired side effects which are very felt by a part of consumers poses a big challenge for overall protein bar market growth. Once person with sensitive bowel tries one of the leading high protein brands which are made with polyol overload and/or based on maltitol it is very likely customer is lost as a consumer for protein bars due to gut related problems. The repeated purchase is less likely due to negative protein bar market view, causing bloating, diarrhea, stomach pains. 

A Gut-Friendly Protein Bar For Wider Audience

Here at Newon Food we take this challenge seriously and intend to grow protein bar market in a sustainable way, where repeated purchase is high and customers are not overwhelmed with gut related problems when consuming low sugar, high protein bars. Thus, we developed gut-friendly low sugar, high protein bar with double layer which is added-value. We use a proprietary technology, a better-for-you sweetener – erythritol, a right combination of carbohydrates to make a bar easy to digest. With great nutritional panel we also solve for perfect texture: according to our insights from private label partners, it shows that pleasant texture is one of the key factors for repeat purchase. The goal of our bar texture is to make it soft over prolonged period of time.

The next important factor is low blood sugar response after consumption of protein bar. The Gut-friendly protein bar is perfect office snack or after workout where body does not need increased blood sugar levels. Due to its macro nutritionals and ingredient list it does not raise blood glucose levels and avoids sugar-crash after which usually sugar cravings and fatigue follows.  The later undesired experiences follow after consuming a sugar containing snack or one made with high Glycemic Index ingredients (GI) among these include sweetener Maltitol (most of current leading brands are made with this type of ingredients). 

Overall, it is important to understand how brands can differentiate and to actually help consumers to make the right decisions in their diet. This is more relevant today than it was before due to high market saturation. With lifestyle protein bar market moving more and more towards candy type of bars let’s think and develop better-for-you bars which solve nutritional needs. Contact of for Private Label solution. 



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