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Vegan protein bar RAW

The Vegan product growth

It is unlikely that by now any person involved in food business have not heard about the growth of Veganism and plant-based diets. Indeed, the number of Vegans grew from 1% to 6% of US population between 2014-2017 years. The plant-based industry is now worth $4.5 billion in USA according to Good Food Institute (GFI) and trade group Plant Based Food Association (PBFA). With sales of vegan yogurt, cheese and ice cream are steadily rising (up 39%, 19% and 27% respectively). Combine this mega trend with a need for convenience where bars are top selection and we have a perfect recipe for success -Vegan protein bar. 

The Vegan protein bar

Let us present our latest development – RAW Vegan protein bar. Here at Newon Food we have created a 25% plant-based protein bar. The bar is made of just 4 ingredients: Dates, Nuts, Protein blend (Rice protein, Pea protein), Cacao. Our developing vegan protein bar is made of 100% Wholesome ingredients which stands great in a light of Clean-label trend. In addition, our development process we have identified the key product challenges which is hardness and sandy mouth feel in most bars on the market. At this moment our goal is to solve these challenge the market faces. We are using our cold-slabbing technology and latest ingredients innovation for a perfect texture in plant-based protein bars. Moreover, today we have a testing period for shelf stable texture which is acceptable by customers. 

Are you interest in Vegan protein bar? 

We are looking for clients and people with interest to Vegan products to test our latest plant-based protein bar development and provide a feedback. Potentially in the future we will offer You a Vegan protein bar which will stand out of the market. 

Let us know if you are interested in receiving the samples! Contact us:, with title: Vegan protein bar samples. 

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