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Protein bar manufacturer 

What once started as a single loaf of bread turned into 30 000 000 bar production plant. As people look for more nutritous, cleaner food to fit their ever increasing pace of lifestyle –  we are the platform, the protein bar manufacturer for brands to get nutritious food they need to feed the people they care for.  We are family based company started as a bakery. Our food manufacturing experience traces back to 60s’. Believe it or not we still have some exployees from 90s’. We understand what features are important for an end-consumer with that in mind we creat your unique nutrition, protein bars. Below is our company’s history development.


The very begining of UAB "Jonavos duona" - the regional bakery supplying fresh bread daily. The place were the bakery was built at the time still remains and operates to this day. However, the production has expanded greatly.


At this time UAB "Baltasis pyragas" has acquired UAB "Jonavos duona" to consolidate in the market and increase an efficiency. This led the company to become national bakery supplying bread production to all over the Lithuania. There were two production sites.


The time was to increase efficiency and to make all bread production in one site. This led to an oppening of new office and expanding the very first our production facility in Jonava town. Coming back were the first bread loaf was baked.  

Private label

As food trends change and evolve UAB "Baltasis pyragas" makes the grand opening of 5000 Sq.m. Nutrition Bar production facility to satisfy the growing demand for nutritious, functional food. UAB Newon Food company is the separate division oriented to develop and manufacture private label nutritional bars.

Bar production certificate

BRC certification program completed. Food safety and quality Level A granted. 

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