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  • 2023 / 10 / 18       Projekto pavadinimas: UAB „Newon Food“ 250 kW AEI jėgainė Nr. 02-011-K-0055 Projekto vykdytojas: UAB „Newon Food“ Projekto vertė: 216 767 EUR Skirta parama: 102 690 EUR Projekto įgyvendinimo pradžia: 2023-07-19 Numatoma projekto įgyvendinimo pabaiga: 2025-07-31 UAB „Newon Food“ – vysto plataus asortimento, hemogenizuotų ir dietinių maisto produktų su funkcinio maisto savybėmis gamybą. […] Read more
  • Caramel bar
    2022 / 05 / 08

    We developed gut-friendly low sugar, high protein bar with double layer which is added-value. We use a proprietary technology, a better-for-you sweetener - erythritol, a right combination of carbohydrates to make a bar easy to digest

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  • Keto bar
    2020 / 11 / 13 An emerging private label protein bar manufacturer Newon Food based in Europe is unveiling an innovative keto snack. Infused with MCT fats to satisfy a growing demand for Keto products in European market.    Private label service for bar production is available for brands, distributors, retailers who look to capitalize on the growing Keto product […] Read more
  • Privatelabel
    2020 / 03 / 10 Vegan protein bar and vegans are on the rise every year more people turn to plant-based diets. The reasons are varied and every person has its cause. Some people do it due to environment and sustainability, some due to health enhancing premise, other try to follow the latest trend. According to the new published report […] Read more
  • Private label
    2020 / 02 / 08 The Vegan product growth It is unlikely that by now any person involved in food business have not heard about the growth of Veganism and plant-based diets. Indeed, the number of Vegans grew from 1% to 6% of US population between 2014-2017 years. The plant-based industry is now worth $4.5 billion in USA according to […] Read more
  • Private label
    2018 / 06 / 13

    Newon Food Nutritional Bar Producer Grand Opening

    With the food trends changing and people choosing healthier food over traditional ones. Newon Food has come to the nutritional bar world to fulfill the demand for nutritious and better-for-you food.

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