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Newon Food Private Label Bars

Based in Lithuania, Europe a brand new private label bars production plant opened in 2019 we apply bar production technologies used in USA. We specialize in cold-slabbed, low pressure extrusion production process – the best way to preserve all nutrients in the ingredients.

As we begin the project you can choose a product concept from our product portfolio on which we can build/modify your custom-made flavors. The reason of doing so is to reduce the product launch time to market.

Client service

We work closely with our clients to provide private label bars, the project might be complex but before we begin we introduce you to the 3 parts of the project and estimated timelines. Part A – product selection, Part B – Agreement, Part C – packaging. Thus, even before we begin you have clear road map and estimated timelines when your bars should be produced. Quick response and agility in producing bars is crucial in every successful product launch. See our capabilities that are available for every client no matter the size.

Understanding of the project

It is important for us to understand your goals and needs. When you know which product you need from our product lines or is close to what you need, we ask you to fill in the flavor development form to adapt the product to you specific target audience or market needs. In order for us to provide your private label bar in the best way.

Project validation

Once we have agreed in product line and flavors – Part A, the samples are approved we continue to the agreement – Part B. Once we have the agreement, the formal product specification are sent and we begin to arrange the packaging – Part C.

Minimum runs

True competitive production run begins at minimum order quantity of just 20.000 bars.

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