Producing private label foods

with the respect to nutrition trends

Private label Bars


Newon Food Private Label Bars

Based in Europe with brand new private label bars production plant opened in 2018 we apply bar production technologies used in USA. We specialize in cold-slabbed, low pressure extrusion production process – the best way to preserve all nutrients in the ingredients.

As we begin the project you will have two options either start a new product development or use one of our ready-to-market bars and adapt to your needs.


Client service

We work closely with our clients to provide private label bars whether you have a ready bar recipe or need a new product development we got you covered. We develop great tasting bars at very fast pace. Quick response and agility in producing bars is crucial in every successful product launch. See our capabilities that are available for every client no matter the size.


Understanding of the project

It is important for us to understand your goals and needs. Whether you know which product you need from our product catalogue or you need a custom made bar we begin the project by filling in The New Project Development In order for us to provide your private label bar in the best way.


Project validation

If you need something specific that was not previosly developed we create it and test the product in our facility. We use four main factors when creating your bar: Taste, Texture, Nutritionals and Price (most efficient). We partner with US food technologists in order to bring innovation to Europe. Development costs: sometimes developing a new product it may require to pay a new recipe development fee dependent on project complexity. Otherwise, if we already have developed what you need – we send you product straight away.


Product selection

Once samples are recieved you can arrange a testing session in your company and decide which bar is the winner. If not, inform us about changes you wish to make. Our team ensures that nutritional value, claims are legal and can be used in particular area.  In addition, we finish the packaging part.


Minimum runs

We understand a need of testing a market for new product, thus providing a minum runs of 15.000 bars for our clients (because of the production line). Typically it one full EURO pallet. Let’s discuss  about your bars – Contact us Now! Or see you on the PLMA International .

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