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Keto bar Innovation in Europe

An emerging private label protein bar manufacturer Newon Food based in Europe is unveiling an innovative keto snack. Infused with MCT fats to satisfy a growing demand for Keto products in European market. 


Private label service for bar production is available for brands, distributors, retailers who look to capitalize on the growing Keto product market. With Keto bar market forecasted to grow at 5.3% CAGR until 2024 “Ketogenic Diet Food Market – Growth, Trends and Forecast 2020-2025” , this is the best time for entrepreneurs and small businesses to launch Keto food brands. 


What is Keto lifestyle and what are the growth drivers? 


The ketogenic diet (or keto diet for short) is a low carbohydrate, high fat diet. The goal of keto lifestyle is to limit carbohydrate intake and transfers body into metabolic state – ketosis. Instead of burning simple sugars and carbohydrates for energy, the body starts to burn fat. The state of ketosis offers various health benefits. Studies have shown that a keto lifestyle has induced an effective weight loss along with improvements in several cardiovascular risk parameters {1}. With obesity reaching epidemic proportions around the globe, COVID-19 forcing people to move less this issue is more relevant than ever.  


The future trends for keto industry are clear and include the following: the growth of keto snacks, including bars, celebrity endorsements, rise of overweight and obesity, availability of keto diet products; As keto products move from early-adopters to mass consumers – all of these major growth drivers will make a keto lifestyle more known for general public. The United States is a good example of what’s ahead for European consumers. 


A perfect keto bar that ticks many requirements


To date it was hard to find a keto lifestyle suitable bar that appeals to the keto diet consumer. The safest option was to make one at home which usually is inconvenient and time consuming. 

  • Low net carbohydrate – Low net carb calculates as follows: Total carbohydrate – Fiber – Polyols. Bar should not exceed 5% of total nutritional value. 
  • Sweeteners – Not all sweeteners are created equal. Some may raise blood sugar levels which kick the body out of ketosis and all the benefits along. We recommend using erythritol. 
  • A short ingredient list – Due to the nature of keto lifestyle consumers tend to read labels very carefully. A clean and short label is preferred because consumer has to understand what he/she is consuming. We use only 9 clean and recognizable ingredients including almond, peanuts, rice, pea, cacao, medium-chain triglyceride (MCT), stevia, ect. 
  • A vegan protein source – a combination of rice and pea protein provides a complete amino-acid profile, necessary for the body to maintain its functions. In addition, these are regarded as non allergic proteins suitable for a wider audience. 
  • MCT infused – To support the body in shifting its energy source from carbohydrates to fats.
  • Taste – Our latest technology and innovative ingredients are a key success in making creamy, brownie-like texture and mouthfeel with little off notes. 


The bar concept has been approved after many trials and testing sessions, even small scale commercialization. To ensure we can offer a product that sells and customers will love. For us, as a private label manufacturer, it is important to offer clients only solid bar recipes so in the future we do not require to make costly irritations and delay product launch date. 
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Keto bar



Keto Mct Bar










A private label service for brands, distributors, retailers. 


If you find a keto bar of interest to complement an existing product portfolio or start from scratch, here at Newon Food we offer highly flexible conditions to get you started in the keto bar market. The usual challenge in working with contract manufacturers are high minimum order quantities. We listed and we got your back with few options: 

  • One time “startup” offer” – begin with 2 or 3 flavors each order quantity 4000 bars. In total 8.000-12.000 bars split among few SKUs. 
  • A regular MOQ offer – if you are feeling more confident you can start with 12.000 bars MOQ per SKU.

We understand the challenges in launching new products and a need to ,,test the waters”, thus we strive to be your most flexible and reliable bar manufacturing partner. With Newon Food’s annual bar production capacity of 30.000.000 bars we can start your bar project with just under 10.000 bars. . 

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