Producing private label foods

with the respect to nutrition trends

Our approach

Newon Food private label approach

When creating your private label bar we think of four factors: Taste, Texture, Nutritionals and Price; We have a deep understing of ingredients and their benefits, functionality, attend latest ingredient presentations and experiment with them so we stay on the front-tier of nutritional food development. Here are Your private label bar ingredients:

protein powderProtein: Choose from variety of protein wheter Plant-based or Milk-based protein. In this stage we together determine the factors of your bar, wheter you need more softness, quality level of proteins, allergens, amount of protein per bar – we can do different percentage protein content bars.


Soluble Corn FiberBinders: Binders are usually syrups, liquid type of ingredinets that combine the dry ingredients. Sometimes we use binders as dates, butter for more natural solutions. These are important ingredients in determining the water activity level in the final product which in turns affect the shelf life and softness. In fact, the use of natural binders such as nut butter and dates are achievable only with cold-slabbed technology and low extrusion processes.

Protein cookiesInclusions: Give your bar more joy and excitement- include crunchy inclusions. These can be anything from caramel bits to protein cookies, chocolate chips. Chocolate and cookie inclusions enriched with proteins are used to keep the protein concentration high and provide great snacking experience. This is so called the secret in making tasty yet healthy private label bar.

caramel layer private label barLayer: An ultimate fun snacking experience is only with caramel layer. We use reduced sugar caramel which results in healthy, low sugar final product.

Private label barCoating: We can prepare Milk Chocolate for healthy indulgence. There is also an option for no sugar-added chocolate coating.

Minor ingredients: These are required to perefect your bar and give the features you want. For example, coconut oil may be used to make a better, smoother mouth feel.


Sounds interesting enough? Tell us your bar idea and let’s get started!

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